The Corbières in the Land of the Cathares: Under the spell of the sun and wind

This region was the inspiration of many during the Middle Ages, the Corbières area still captivates today as a top touristic destination.  History, culture, architecture, wine, and the culinary arts are just of the few reasons that people fall under its charm.

The largest vineyard in the Languedoc

Here in the Corbières, winemaking is an ancient tradition.  It all started with the Greeks and was really developed during Roman times.  From the 12th to the 13th century monks also participated in its renown.  The numerous monuments like the Lagrasse, Fontcaude and Fontfroide Abbeys are lasting witnesses.  As the fourth largest vineyard in France, the Corbières Vineyard is the largest appellation in the Languedoc Region as far as surface area is concerned.  It stretches over 15,200 hectares from the Leucate Lagoon and Narbonne to the gates of Carcassonne and the foot of the Pyrénées Mountains and produces 450 000 hectoliters annually. 


Modern wines with a fruity crunch


In the 20th century the winemakers here decided to invest in the quality and also the identity of their wines.  Before the reds were rustic and heavy, today there are new Corbières that are fresh with just the right balance of minerals.  Much progress has been made especially with the area’s most present cepage, Carignan. This progress has greatly contributed to the improved quality of these wines. The vineyard has eleven different types of fields, one of the most famous is the Corbières-Boutenac vintage.

The Region’s Only 3 Star Restaurant

Just like the region’s wines, their culinary arts also increased in quality.  Today the Aude Area has ten of the 25 Michelin rated restaurants located in the Languedoc Region.  The Gilles Goujon’s restaurant, l'Auberge du vieux puits in Fontjoncouse, is the region’s only three star restaurant.  Little by little, local products are awarded official labels.  This is what happened with the Land of the Cathare’s pork and lamb, the potatoes from Sault countryside, and the black truffles. 

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