Château le Bouïs: Cuvée Confidences

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"A powder pink rosé in a bottle created by a top Parisian fashion designer"

His other rosé wines, "La Cigale" and "Rosa Rosa Rosam" have won several prizes, including in the Mondial du Rosé competition and so Frédérique Olivié has had no hesitation in building on this success by accentuating the femininity which exudes from his elegant products. 

The wine is a surprising alliance between the light, fresh and delicate aromas of citrus and peach tree flowers and a beautiful, glossy pastel colour, all contained in a bottle designed by a renowned Parisian couturier, Chantal Thomass.

It's a mysterious and provocative blend which is reflected in its name, "Confidences" (secrets), which conjures up the fragile flirtation between desire and coquetry reminiscent of delicate lingerie.

The bottle has purposefully been left bare to show off its contents.

"Cuvée Confidences, a matchmaker with no name"

This wine plays the role of matchmaker with its original and ingenious label! 

By keeping the elegant Haute Couture bottle bare, you catch a glimpse of the transparent envelope which acts as its label. It's almost as if you are taking a peek under the wine's petticoats. 

Hanging from a pretty ribbon attached by a wax seal, the label reveals the secret...  it becomes the way to offer a kind word, a poem or a surprise to the Orestes or Electra of one's desires. 

The label is the size of a business card, so that professionals and wine lovers can slip their "secrets" inside as proof of their intentions. 

This innovation in label design is authenticated by Château le Bouïs's seal - Wine feminine style. 

It's the first wine whose name you'll never forget, just as you never forget the name of your sweetheart... Confidences

Château Le Bouïs

Frédérique Olivier

Route Bleue - 11430 Gruissan

Site : www.chateaulebouis.fr

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