Etiquette and know-how in the service of hospitality excellence

"Promoting the codes of good manners in society and business encounters at the heart of the luxury industry" is the mission of Anne Debard, founder of AD Excellence, an international specialist in French etiquette. She began her career at a luxury hotel in Monaco after completing training in human resources, foreign languages and hospitality. Anne quickly moved towards training others to perform with excellence in luxury services by creating her own consulting and coaching business. In high-end tourism and international business, mastering the codes and protocol is fundamental. Business leaders and their staffs have turned to Anne for training courses that help people feel more at ease in their work. The brands have understood this well. Raising awareness of intercultural and intergenerational expectations is one way to ensure that ever-more-demanding high-end customers are consistently satisfied. The correct phrasing, the right clothing, maintaining the proper distance, these attitudes represent know-how and highly cultivated interpersonal skills. Everything must enchant the customer, lure him in, to succumb to the offer of emotional luxury. Attract to build loyalty! Anne's international work as an on-site advisor to numerous palaces, luxury perfumers, renowned jewellers as well as political power players still allows her time to teach bachelor’s degree and MBA students in the luxury, hotel and international trade sectors at universities in Paris and Montpellier. A woman of the world, Anne has taken on the role of Ambassador of French Etiquette, admirably promoting Service Excellence on five continents.

Anne Debard
AD Excellence


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